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La Révolution Albatros is a family run, non-profit association, dedicated to reducing man-made pressure on our environment through educational and awareness raising activities combined with grass-root activism.

Ana Robb, first started raising awareness and implementing changes within her family and continued with the larger community through her engagement at the British School of Paris. After several years of advocating for a life more connected with nature, she decided to make a bigger impact. She founded La Révolution Albatross in 2018, with a desire to make a positive change, both locally and further afield.  


-  Raising awareness of the thermo-industrial society impact on our environment

-  Teaching the importance of biodiversity in terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems

-  Promoting and implementing permaculture and low (zero) waste ideas and systems

We organise presentations, workshops and talks, for citizens, companies or schools, in France and Croatia. We work in English, French and Croatian.

We are also trained facilitators for the Climate Collage, a serious game about climate change, based on collective intelligence, creativity and IPCC data. We can organise collage workshops in your school/home/company/association, face-to-face or online (a great solution for Covid-19 times), in English, French and Croatian.

We can help you: - audit your plastic waste

                          - find alternatives

                          - campaign to ban single-use plastic on events and everyday activities

                          - set up a sorting and recycling scheme

                          - find solutions to cut waste at the source

                          - show you how to make your own cleaning and personal hygiene products

                          - organise a clean-up action for students and local community

                          - promote circular economy and zero waste, permaculture lifestyle

                          - create a biodiversity friendly garden/area at your workplace or home


Our beautiful Planet and all the amazing Earthlings that inhabit it are our biggest inspiration! 

For a list of great books, talks and documentaries, click here.

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