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Spring/Summer 2020

The Cover-19 crisis didn't slow us down, on the contrary - we were busy getting familiar with the Climate Collage, training to become facilitators and translating the game to Croatian.

In June we organised a wonderful launch event in Zagreb, with the support of the French Embassy, as well as the first workshop in Croatia, for various senior school teachers, with the support of the local association Life Potential.

We will spend the rest of the summer 2020 further developing the Croatian Climate Collage as well as training new facilitators and volunteers. 

Winter 2019/2020

The Plastic free Zlarin initiative received a great deal of media attention, which created unprecedented visibility for such a small island and its community. According to media analyses, the total AVE of all media coverage obtained from October 2018 to August 2019 amounted to almost 2M euros and the reach was over 37M people.

That helped the initiative to reach far and wide beyond Zlarin, inspiring and motivating many others to undertake similar challenges. We spoke at several international conferences and received five awards - from the Croatian Tourist Board, Croatian Travel agencies association and the French-based NGO SMILO “Sustainable Island, in progress” waste management label, from National Geographic Croatia and The Good Lobby in Bruxelles.


The initiative gained further exposure through two events - the Croatian president presented Zlarin as an example of good practice at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019 and Ana Robb based her TEDx talk on the journey which led to “Plastic free Zlarin”.

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